FoodCall's Role In Hunger Relief

Food insecurities and malnutrition is nothing new within the communities we live in and for society as a whole.

Covid-19 had its fair share on our local economies, businesses and the mass increase in unemployment which in return had a direct impact on world hunger.

There is however very little we can do about Covid-19, but as an organisation or individual we can have a say in the amount of people going to bed at night with a hungry stomach.

FoodCall offers the opportunity to extend a helping hand to allow access to food for those that are not able to obtain it themselves.

How It Works



In partnership with Tixsa, you can purchase a food voucher that will be distributed to one of our registered Non-Profit Organisations (NPO).

NPO Partner

Our partnered NPO is responsible for the taking care of the general well-being of several communities, and will deliver or distribute the voucher to families, individuals or institutions in need of food.


Once the vouchers are delivered, either physically or sent via sms, it can be used at any of our registered grocery/food outlets for the user to obtain the essential food that's required.


FoodCall will then pay the registered grocery/food shop owner the amount on the voucher when the voucher is redeemed.