Introducing TechScout

The question on everybody’s mind is “When will life return to normal?” However, “normal” may not be the normal we were accustomed to. We have seen the onset of economic collapse, of plunging oil prices and a decline in the stock market as the COVID-19 pandemic wreaks havoc in the world.

Over the past few years, societies have started moving gradually into online & virtual environments. Activities such as working and learning migrated faster into new environments, including the way we do our shopping or stay connected with loved ones.

Those who are unable to access digital platforms will lag economically and the immediate shift into an online world, thanks to Covid-19, will leave many confused and unequipped to partake in.

Why TechScout

Disruptive technologies are gradually becoming ubiquitous and it is changing the landscape of our communities and our society.
Change isn't easy, and that definitely holds true when discussing upgrading into a digital age.

Internet of Things-based technologies will only grow in numbers over the next few years, and it isn't long before they'll be fixtures in our communities.

We are in the middel of a "skills revolution" and the type of skills required are ever-changing. So what will the most in-demand skills & knowledge be and
how do you ensure you have them?

TechScout aim's to address this direct need in order to empower people to becoming future fit and to stay relevant.

How Does it Work?

Through our online application process we will get you in touch with a TechScout in your direct area. The application process will allow us to assess your immediate need and to fulfill that need to the best of our ability.