We-nnovation is a social enterprise helping NGO's to innovate.

Over the years and collectively, Non-Governmental Organisations have made an important contribution to humanity, and the work of NGO's, across the world, has never been an easy one.

High levels of unemployment, poverty and inequality will be the expected result of several country's weak state of economy and the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic also have far-reaching implications for the role that NGOs play in the lives of millions.

Most NGOs are dependent on international funding, grant funding and individual donations for ongoing support, which in essence have decreased over the past few months with countries experiencing their own excessive lock-down periods.

Covid-19 is not an event with a defined beginning or end, and it is likely to remain an ongoing threat for the foreseeable future. This situation makes NGOs extremely vulnerable, and NGOs will require smart leadership and creative fundraising efforts to prevent the down-scaling of operations or staff losses.

Innovation is when you are able to create significant value, and now is the time to re-invent yourself.

What Is We-nnovation

WE-nnovation is a social enterprise helping NGO's to innovate.

The platform is designed to offer best practice methodologies, toolkits, and online facilitators, to not only foster a culture of innovative thinking, but to take you on an innovation journey over the course of 8-10 weeks to deliver 3-5 new feasible solutions that will address the challenges you are facing.

Why We-nnovation

You can invent alone, but you can't innovate alone, which is an essential concept when it comes to reinventing any type of organisation from the inside-out. The best innovators are found within your NGO as they form the perpetual motion that keeps your NGO going.

Mahatma Gandhi declared that knowledge gained through experience is far superior and many times more useful than bookish knowledge. It is through this shared believe that you, as a NGO, possess the power to innovate yourselves to new heights.

We-nnovation is a tool that can unlock the significant value found within your organisation to become future fit. The online platform can offer practical solutions to help cope with current Covid-19 challenges along with any future pandemics threatening to change your operational landscape on a global scale.

With funding being considered the driving fuel behind your NGO, our We-nnovation platform can get you in touch with donors around the world, to not only invest in your innovation journey, but also in your goal of becoming a leading-edge forward thinking organisation that can withstand the test of uncertain future financial landscapes.

The benefits of becoming part of We-nnovation is:


Capacity building, based on innovative competencies and mindsets to be used in the future.


Having access to highly automated processes, reducing the amount of work within your NGO.


Gain access to international networks, partnerships and charitable giving.


Have access to a network of 200 innovation facilitators at the tip of you fingers.

How does We-nnovation work?

Our online platform will guide your organsiation's innovation journey, in real time, over a course of 10 -15 weeks to deliver 3-5 new feasible solutions that will address the challenges you are facing.

The expedition will have your selected team of 6 people, dedicating 12 days or their own time to the journey, mounting to approximately 600 hours.

Having full access to online tools, learning models and a dedicated facilitator, has made the practical roll-out of this journey viable throughout the world. This will ensure that great ideas and initiatives are not only thought off, but are actually transformed into implementable business cases to deliver immediate results.